Leveraging modern technological innovations by delivering superior quality products and services. We aim to maintain our A-grade methods of production with an openness to continual growth in our field.


Our proven track record in manufacturing superior and A-grade wires has inspired people and businesses to extend themselves so they can reach new heights, fulfill their aspirations and achieve the best for themselves. We aspire to acquire and duly incorporate feedback from our clients with regard to the quality and life of COPPERGAT wires within our methods of production. Ultimately, our aim is to establish a concrete worldwide presence.

Gateway To Quality

Through sustained quality control, we ensure excellence and maximum efficiency that results in firmly woven, long-lasting wires and cables. Being in a vicious cycle of constant productivity has led us to perfecting the manufacturing procedures at COPPERGAT to meet international standards.

Trust & Reliability

Earning the trust of our consumers and duly delivering is the cornerstone of COPPERGAT operations. We ensure consistency through our tried and tested mechanisms of quality control that warrant reliability. It is with pride that we produce our A-grade wires which leads to our stellar reputation