coppergat ceo

I firmly believe that our genuine hard work, cooperation, and optimized efficiency adds tremendous value to our brand image, which has always been the most powerful asset of COPPERGAT Wires and Cables. While taking pride in our accolades and achievements, we continuously remind ourselves of the need to evolve and incorporate the latest manufacturing methods in line with global standards to keep up with the wishes of our solid customer base. We are humbled to contribute to the economic growth and success of Pakistan amidst a challenging corporate climate defined by high levels of inflation.

I look forward to your continued support and encouragement in taking COPPERGAT to greater heights while maintaining our spotless reputation as the pioneering cable producers in the industrial landscape of Pakistan.

COPPERGAT Cables Company a leading flagship brand in quality is well placed to benefit from the opportunities that our country and global market will continue to offer. As a brand, we stand for commitment, excellence, integrity, and respect. Marketing is not only a battle of products; it is about us as an organization and how we are being perceived in the eyes and minds of our customers. The brand resides in the subconscious of users and its purity and consistency depend on the individual experiences.